Welcome to 2015

Welcome back to the AAPL and MFLS for another year. The new season is almost here. We will have 32 teams in the AAPL once again with 16 teams in the Capital League and 16 teams in the Colonial League. We will also be back to our traditional three up and three down policy.Good luck to everyone this year. It should be exciting. Let the rivalries begin.


Welcome to 2014

Welcome back. The AAPL is expanding to 32 teams this year. This will make all the cup competitions better as any knockouts rounds will have an even number of teams. This will be the limit for teams. There will be no further expansion. Good luck to everyone this year.

Welcome to the AAPL

Well it is another year and it is time for another season of MFLS. Welcome back and let the rivalries begin.